Alex Brown
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Project Description

project: Eagle Project

date: 2000-2001

For my Eagle project I designed and built a storage shed for a church in my town; this was my first large-scale project.  Playing the role of foreman and not getting involved in the work myself proved to be very difficult (in fact, it was impossible).  In photo number four, is Roger Conant, the first Eagle Scout of Troop One Littleton (1927), presenting a sign to me that he made.  He had stopped by several times to see how I was doing. He also donated money, paying for all the hardware.  I enjoyed every bit of the project, but my favorite aspect is the turning of pencil lines on paper into a reality.  This is true for all of my projects.

Before construction began I met with the Church Property Committee, to talk about the design of the shed.  I also brought a model along to display the size and appearance.  One of the members wanted the floor to be 3/4 inch pressure treated plywood.  We also discussed color, whether or not they wanted windows, and the type of lock.  Next I finalized the bill of materials and went to G.V. Moore Lumber Co., to get a quote.  I met with the owner Calvin Moore, who agreed to help me out by taking $200 off the total cost of materials, and donating $100 himself.  I gained a great deal of knowledge, including how to properly set up and use a transit [2].  One of my most memorable times on the project was the day we worked in the pouring rain—for nine hours [3].  We didn’t have lighting, so we had to stop once the sun said goodnight.

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