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Project Description

project: Deck

date: 2004

Last year I got a permit for this deck…this past August I finally got around to building it.  For my parents, the purpose was to have a platform at about the level of the porch for the grill to be on — making it easier to bring food in and out.  It also creates a great place to eat breakfast (in the sun) or lunch in warm weather.  For me, I wanted a new challenge.  A few years back I rebuilt a 12’x12’ deck with the help of my Papou for two of his cousins.  For this project, I wanted to do something a little different.  Having read about decks with radiuses in a couple of magazines, I knew that’s what I wanted.  I had been dying to try it out for myself, and finally got a chance.

Fortunately the budget allowed me to go with good materials and hardware.  I used Grace Vycor behind the copper flashing [2].  Having read about and being aware of the corrosiveness of the new PT lumber with galvanized fasteners, I mail ordered stainless steel nails and joist hangers [3].  Due to the height of the deck, I was unable to position the ledger over the rim joist for through bolting, so I experimented with some brackets that bolt to the foundation [3].

The deck is roughly 12’x12’ with a five foot radius on one corner.  We went with Timbertek composite decking (I did online research and checked with local suppliers), and Azek for the face board and risers on the stairs.  All was fastened with stainless steel screws.  This project was another great experience, “fun,” and best of all — the deck came out looking great.

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