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Project Description

project: Window Cabinet

date: 2000-2001

My mom had been looking for a cabinet that would fit under the sill of a window on our first floor.  Since she was unable to find one, I took advantage of the opportunity.  My goal was to have the cabinet finished for Christmas—what my parents received was the carcass [2] and a pile of boards cut to specific lengths.  In the end it turned out to be a great learning experience.  The cabinet is built from poplar.  I designed and constructed it myself in a small shop in our basement, and with my continuing to add more tools and machinery (I’ve spent my own green) the small shop is becoming smaller and smaller.  The raised panel doors were made using a table saw.  The three rectangles holding the sides together are mortised and tennoned together.  I also used dovetails, which were hand cut, for the drawer construction.  Best of all, the cabinet does what it is supposed to do—fit under that windowsill.

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