Alex Brown
It all began with my Eagle Project — that was my first construction job. This is the first time I witnessed pencil lines I had drawn on paper turn into a reality, and opened up a door to me. Since then I have carried out several projects — some for friends, but mostly for family. Everyone who has offered me work has enabled me to further my learning and gain experience. Nearly every project I do is a 'first' and results in my doing homework before arriving at the jobsite.

I believe that with out risk — without taking chances — its difficult to further your knowledge and see what you are capable of. With every project I look critically at my work and point out what I would do differently. Sometimes I learn a better way to complete a task after I'm already done. What I view as a key factor is that each project provide standards as a basis for the next project. I am a strong believer in quality work and the taking of time to get things right. It is my goal to complete each project to the best of my ability.